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“I wanted to take a moment to thank your team for their great customer service!

I've been a Do-it-yourselfer for many years but when I decided to build a full, free-standing garage, I decided to go with pre-built trusses for the roof. I've never ordered trusses before and was concerned that I would forget some basic measurement that would haunt me for years via a poorly built garage. I also wanted the trusses customized to maximize the storage space in the attic area.

I have been so pleased with Noble Truss throughout this entire process ….
You designed and submitted an estimate in days instead of weeks …
You altered the design quickly when I realized I had indeed “miscalculated” …
You finished building them in less than a week …

When I realized that I couldn't pick them up at your facility due to a vehicle problem, you immediately put them on a truck for delivery THE VERY SAME DAY!

When Ron, your delivery driver came to deliver them, he was thoughtful about placement, courteous and helpful. I spoke at various times with Christy, Sherry and Rose and they were all polite, helpful and professional.

I'm an old curmudgeon by nature so I don't “gush” about customer service that I feel is ‘1ust enough” … but your team has been exceptional in every … single … aspect… of this entire process.

And … you did it even though it was obvious that I was probably just a one or two order customer and not some high-dollar builder.

And THAT is the reason I'm so happy with you … you treated me like I was the most important customer you had. (And BTW … the bag of goodies (pen, carpenters pencil, keychain light and planning ruler), was a great little “extra” to throw in the information bag that comes with the trusses.

I've already gone on too long, but I wanted to emphasize just how impressed I am with you. You deserve all of the business success you could ever want… and I hope you get it!

Thank you for making what could have been a stressful and confusing process, simple and downright enjoyable!

Best Regards to your entire team there at Noble Truss!”

- Cal C.
"Dear Noble Truss,

Thank you for the delivery yesterday, and your Driver, Tim, is a very professional and friendly guy. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and look forward to future business opportunities."

- Marty D.
Principal, HD Finishes LLC