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Noble Truss Colorado


Residential, Commercial, & Industrial Roof Trusses BUILT TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS IN COLORADO


All trusses are manufactured to customer specifications. They are computer engineered using industry leading MiTek Software to meet all building codes and design tolerances that give custom, pre-manufactured trusses an advantage over traditional framing techniques. Founded on the simple principal of providing outstanding quality and customer service, Noble Truss has a proven track record of client satisfaction and quality workmanship. All trusses are engineered to exact specifications and tolerances to ensure a lifetime of structural integrity.

Our Process

1. Initial Design

  • Design the truss system from the initial set of plans

2. Conference With Building Team

  • Ensure permitting guidelines are met
  • Troubleshooting with both architect and engineer about problems that arise with the plan
  • Provide truss specs and layout to engineer to help with the calculated loads of the trusses and how it may affect the walls, beams, etc.

3. Job-Site Meeting with the Contractor

  • Discuss any changes to the plan
  • Discuss overall aesthetics of the project
  • Discuss wall height differences and the impact on truss design
  • Foresee any problems that may arise and affect the truss application
  • Discuss framing that will and will not be done in the field
  • Provide three-dimensional exterior views of the truss system to better understand the overall structure and aesthetics

4. Final Design

  • Make all of the changes that were discussed in the field
  • Coordinate with construction documents, architect, engineer, builders, and sales

5. Final Meeting with the Contractor, Framer, Architect, Engineer, Etc.

  • Go over all changes made in the final design

6. Provide Finalized Layout

  • A “key” to follow for the installation of the trusses and hangers
  • Layout provided in the delivery packet

7. Stamped Engineering

  • Delivery packet will include original stamped engineering and is delivered with the trusses (copies available upon request)

8. Delivery

  • The delivery will be made in a timely fashion according to the contractor's schedule
  • All truss connection hardware will be supplied and delivered with the truss pack

Noble Truss Colorado takes great pride in providing 100% customer satisfaction. Our service is above and beyond what any of our competitors offer. We do whatever it takes to ensure a return customer.