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Noble Truss Colorado


Roof Truss Manufacturing for Colorado & the Surrounding States

Noble Truss Colorado, Inc., located in Sedalia, CO, manufactures wood roof and floor trusses for residential, agricultural, and commercial construction projects. The company was founded in 1998 and services the entire State of Colorado with an emphasis in the greater Denver and Colorado Springs metropolitan markets.

Who We Are

Noble Truss Colorado's cofounders brought extensive experience in both general contracting and in corporate sales management together to form a business focused on providing outstanding products and services customized to your needs. This quality and customer service culture is embraced by all employees and has provided us with a unique ability to forge productive partnerships with customers, vendors, and related trades alike.

Noble Truss Colorado is committed to the production of high quality roof and floor trusses at a competitive price. We utilize state of the art design technology and manufacture all trusses to order and to exact engineering specifications. We work closely with you and your contractors, architects and engineers to provide the kind of service that will make you want to come back to us for your next project. We have our own fleet of delivery trucks so we can also provide deliveries on a schedule that works for you.

Client Testimonial

“I wanted to take a moment to thank your team for their great customer service!

I've been a Do-it-yourselfer for many years but when I decided to build a full, free-standing garage, I decided to go with pre-built trusses for the roof. I've never ordered trusses before and was concerned that I would forget some basic measurement that would haunt me for years via a poorly built garage. I also wanted the trusses customized to maximize the storage space in the attic area.

I have been so pleased with Noble Truss throughout this entire process ….
You designed and submitted an estimate in days instead of weeks …
You altered the design quickly when I realized I had indeed “miscalculated” …
You finished building them in less than a week …

When I realized that I couldn't pick them up at your facility due to a vehicle problem, you immediately put them on a truck for delivery THE VERY SAME DAY!

When Ron, your delivery driver came to deliver them, he was thoughtful about placement, courteous and helpful. I spoke at various times with Christy, Sherry and Rose and they were all polite, helpful and professional.

I'm an old curmudgeon by nature so I don't “gush” about customer service that I feel is ‘1ust enough” … but your team has been exceptional in every … single … aspect… of this entire process.

And … you did it even though it was obvious that I was probably just a one or two order customer and not some high-dollar builder.

And THAT is the reason I'm so happy with you … you treated me like I was the most important customer you had. (And BTW … the bag of goodies (pen, carpenters pencil, keychain light and planning ruler), was a great little “extra” to throw in the information bag that comes with the trusses.

I've already gone on too long, but I wanted to emphasize just how impressed I am with you. You deserve all of the business success you could ever want… and I hope you get it!

Thank you for making what could have been a stressful and confusing process, simple and downright enjoyable!

Best Regards to your entire team there at Noble Truss!”

- Cal C.
Contact Us

All of us at Noble Truss Colorado strive to make every contact you have with any of us the very best it can be. No project is too big or too small and every customer is our most important customer! Contact us today (303) 791-1712 Email: